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Have you always wanted to work abroad and are you an adventurous person? Then China might be the place for you. Our company Beijing Auchan Transcom is a teacher placement company founded in 2008. Since then, we have helped thousands of foreign teachers relocate to China. We are highly experienced in this industry, and treat every prospective teacher with loyalty and honesty. We welcome you to try our services, as we are confident that you will be happy to work with us. On average we help 500 people a year to relocate to one of our partner schools in China. Apply now to start your career in China!
Compared to the past, nowadays more and more parents in China are starting to understand the importance of the English language in today’s international job market. Especially as the competition is getting tougher each year due to the sheer amount of new graduates. As a result parents want to help their kids become more competitive by teaching them a second or third language. English is by far the most chosen language by parents and each year the amount of foreign English teachers relocating to China is astonishing.

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